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Top 5 Slogans 2014 in Pakistan :-) :-)

Top 5 Slogans 2014

On the Start of New Year 2015 , Dawn News have collect the rating about Top 5 Slogans of 2014 through its different Media source and announced his Top 5 Slogans 2014 in Pakistan .These Top Slogans are :

 1. Go Nawaz Go (PTI)
2. I Noir, Do you (QMobile)
3. Mirchi pe Sprite ka tarka laga rey (Sprite)
4. Khush Raho (Kenwood)
5. Is bachay ki hai baat alaag (Nestle)

Top 5 Slogans 2014

Top 5 Slogans of 2014

SmsGurru presents slogans,top 5 slogans 2014,best slogans,top slogans,famous slogans,famous 5 slogans,top slogans in Pakistan and top slogans of Pakistan. The orignal source of above information is Dawn News and you can check this news here.

Four Great Women In Islam – Women Of The World

Four Great Women In Islam

A Daughter “Special” gift from ALLAH…..

Allah has given Muslim women what they can bare of orders and duties. He is the God Who knows His creation.

“Should He not know what He created? And He is the Most Kind, All-Aware (of everything).”

[Noble Quran 67:14]

 Four Great Women In Islam - Women Of The World

Four Great Women In Islam – Women Of The World

“Four Great Women In Islam

Anas (RA) reports that Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) has said:
“From among the women of the world who have reached perfection and who are worthy of following are (the following four):
1-Maryam the daughter of Imrân.
2-Khadijah daughter of Khuwaylid.
3-Fatima daughter of Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.
4-Asiyah wife of Fir’aun” .

Abbreviation of major IT Organizations

Abbreviation of major IT Organizations…….!!!

INFOSYS:-Information System

abbreviation of major IT organizations

TCS:- Tata Consultancy Services

abbreviation of major IT organizations

AOL:- American Online

BPL:- British Process Laboratory

abbreviation of major IT companies
Abbreviation of PBL company

INTEL:- Integrated Electronics

abbreviation of major IT companies
Abbreviation of INTEL company

CISCO:- Computer Information System Company

abbreviation of major IT companies
Abbreviation of CISCO company

DELL:- michael DELL

abbreviation of major IT companies
Abbreviation of DELL company

SONY:-Sound Of New York

abbreviation of major IT companies
Abbreviation of SONY company


AMD:-Advance micro devices

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abbreviation of major IT companies
Abbreviation of AMD company


LENOVO:- LE(Legend),NOVO(New)

abbreviation of major IT companies
Abbreviation of LENOVO company

COMPAQ:- Compatibility And Quality

abbreviation of major IT companies
Abbreviation of COMPAQ company

Abbreviation of major IT companies

Abbreviation of major IT companies…….!!!

GOOGLE :- Global Organisation Of Oriented Group Language of Earth

abbreviation of major IT companies

abbreviation of GOOGLE

APPLE:- Asian Passenger Payload Experiment

abbreviation of major IT companies

Abbreviation of apple company

HP :- Hewlett-Packard

abbreviation of major IT companies

Abbreviation of HP company


IBM:- International Business Machines Corporation

Abbreviation of IBM company


HCL:-Hindustan Computer Limited

Abbreviation of HCL company


WIPRO:- Western India Product Limited

 abbreviation of major IT companies

Abbreviation of WIPRO company


GE:-General Electronics

Abbreviation of GE company




Eid Ul Adha Islamic Sms-The blood of the sacrificed animal

Eid Ul Adha In Islam, Eid Ul Adha Islamic Sms

Celebrating eid ul azha is not merely about slaughtering an animal,rather it requires a pure will to sacrifice anything in tha way of

Allah,let it be wealth or life . It is not about showing off , it is about remaining loyal and obedient to Allah . One of the verses Holy Quran says :

” The blood of the sacrificed animal doesnt reach Allah , neither its meat ; what reaches Him is your Taqwa”.

eid ul adha islamic sms


Eid Ul Adha In Islam

To understand

Eid ul Adha  in islam and Qurbani

on this day and its significance you have to go many years back.When the main sacrifice was to make by the prophet Abrahim.Its was mainly  start by prophet Muhammad(PBUH) as an essential Religious custom in showing honour To Prophet Abraham.

                                                                                                                                                                         Sacrifice of the Prophet Abraham
eid ul adha in islam
One day he saw his dream that ALLAH is Ordering him to raise the foundation of Kaabba with a black stone which is the most Muslim shrine in Maccca(saudu arabia)and the entire Muslims face to this direction during their prayers.Abraham rush for maccca with his wife abd son Ishmael.Then at the unfriendly desert Abraham has to face diffferent difficulties to put that foundation.
One night he dreamt that ALLAH wanted a sacrifice of his most loving thing.He thought many time and came in a decision that nothing is dearer to him than his son. so he told that to his son.Ishmael was so much dedicated to ALLAH and also to his father.He agreed with his father and the exact moment when the Abraham was to sacrifice his son for ALLAHa lamb was sacrificed in place of Ishmael
from that day this day day is celebrated as a day of sacrifice from the dy of Hajj…

World Hijab Day Sms 2013

Prophet Tell The Wives And Daughters,
And The Beleving Women,
That They Sould Cast Their Outer Garments
Over Their persons (When Abroad):
That is Most Convinient That They Should Be
Known (As Such) And Not Molested
And ALLAH Is On Forgiving, Most Merciful

                                                                              (SURA   AHZAAB   33:59)


World Hijab Day Sms 2013

Hijab Day Sms-4th September youm e hijab

A Hijabi sister says to non Hijabi sister:

« I feel heat just like you, I adore the beach just like you do,

I love to swimjust like you do,Sometimes I am overtaking by crazy childish moments,

I like to let my hair down, to wear short and sleevless clothes,

I love everything you love but the exalted One,

who rose over His Throne ordered me to wear Hijab and to be modest,

And, lovingly and obediently, I tell my Lord :”we hear and we obey”

hijab day sms

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Hijab Hijab Hijab
I Like Hijab
Hijab Completes The Beauty Of A Muslimah….

Great Story Of The Lady – Who Spoke Quran

Great Story Of The Lady Abdullaah bin Mubaarak – may Allah have mercy upon him – said: I sat out for hajj to the sacred house of Allah and visiting the masjid of His Prophet may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him. As I was in the road, I suddenly saw a black figure and when I managed to distinguish it I realised it was an old woman wearing a garment and a headscarf made out of cotton, I said to her: “Assalaamu ‘Alyka Warahmatullahi Wabaraktuh” She replied, “Salaamun qawlan min rabi-Raheem [Peace: a word from a Merciful Lord.]“ He [ibn Mubaarak] said: I said to her, may Allah have mercy upon you! What are you doing here [lost]? She replied: “Wa man yudlililAllah fa la haadiya lah [Whomsoever Allah causes to err, there is no guide for him]” So from that I understood that she was lost, so I asked her where do you want to go? She replied: “Subhaanalathee asraa bi ‘abdihi laylan minal masjid-il-haraami ilal masjid al-aqsaa [Glory be to Him Who made His servant go on a night from Masjid al-Haraam to Masjid al-Aqsaa] I understood that she had finished her hajj and wanted to return to Masjid al-Aqsaa. Then I asked her how long had she been in this place? She replied, “Thalaatha layaalin sawiyya [three nights while in sound health.]“ I told her I do not see any food with you that you eat? She replied “Huwa yut’imunee wa yasqeen [He (Allah) gives me to eat and gives me to drink] So I asked her what do you use for wudhu? She said, “Fa inlam tajiduu maa-an fatayamamu sa’eedan tayyiba [and if you cannot find water, betake yourselves to pure earth and wipe your faces and your hands therewith] I told her I have some food with me, would you like to eat? She replied “Thumma atimuu as-siyaama ila al-layl [then complete your fasting until the night] I said to her this is not the month of Ramadan, she replied “wa man tadawa’a khayraan fa inAllaha shaakirun ‘aleem [and whoever volunters in goodness then verily Allah is thankful, knowing] I told her it is permissible to break your fast during travel, she replied “wa an tasuumu khayrun lakum in kuntum ta’lamuun [and fasting is better for you if you but knew] I said, why do you not talk to me in the same way i speak to you [i.e meaning without Qur’aan] she replied “ma yalfidu min qawlin ila ladeyhi raqeebun ‘ateed [he utters not a word but there is by him a watcher at hand(meaning the angels are with the human recording his speech and deeds all the time.)] I said from what people are you? She replied “wala taqfu ma laysa laka bihi ‘ilmun inna sam’a wal basara wal-fu’aada kul olaaika kaana ’anhu mas uulah [and follow not that of which you have not the knowledge; surely the hearing and the sight and the heart, all of these, shall be questioned about that.]” I said I have made a mistake so please forgive me, she replied “la tathreeba ‘alykum al-yawma yaghfirulllahu lakum [no blame shall be upon you this day may Allah forgive you] I said will you allow me to carry you on my camel? She said “wa maa taf’aluu min khayrin ya’lamhulAllah [whatever good you do Allah is aware] so my camel sat down. She said “Qul lil mu’mineena yaghudhu min absaarihim [tell the believing men to lower their gaze] so I lowered my gaze and told her climb up on the camel and as she was about to climb up on it the camel rose up and tore her clothes where upon she said “Wa ma asaabakum min museebatin fabima kasabat aydeekum [and whatever calamity afflicts you it is due to your own deeds] I told her wait until I tie the camel and she replied “Fa fahamnaaha Suleymaan [So We made Sulaiman to understand it] After I tied the camel I told her climb ontop of it, when she did she said “Subhaanalathee sakhara lana haatha wa ma kunna lahu mugrineen wa inna ila Rabina lamunqalibun [Glory be to Him Who made this subservient to us and we were not able to do it and surely to our Lord we must return.]

Great story of the lady I grabbed hold of the reigns of the camel and started to walk quickly and making loud noise, she said “Waqsid fee mashyika waghdud min sawtik [And pursue the right course in your going about and lower your voice] then I started walking slowly and humming poetry, she said “Faqra’uu maa tayasara min al-Quraan” [Recite whatever is easy for you from the Quraan] I told her I have been given goodness in plenty, she said “Wa maa yatathakaru ila olul al-baab [and none but those with understanding comprehend this] After having walked with her for a bit I asked her, do you have a husband? She replied “Yaa ayyuha al-latheena aamanu laa tasa’alu ‘an ashyaa-a inn tubda lakum tasu’kum [o you who believe do not ask about matters if made plain to you may cause you harm] So I remained silent and did not speak to her until we reached her caravan. I said to her who do you have [from family] amongst this caravan? She replied “Al-maalu wal-banuuna zeenatul hayaati dunya [Wealth and children are the beauty of this world] So I understood that she had children, I asked her what are their duties in hajj? She replied “Wa ‘alaamaatin wa bi najmi hum yahtaduun [And as signs and through the stars they are guided] So I understood that they must be guides for the people. Then I saw small huts and buildings so I asked her about her children’s names, she replied “WattakhadaAllahu Ibraheema khaleela [Allah took Ibraheem as his khaleel] “WakalamAllahu Muusa takleema” [And Allah spoke directly to Muusa] “Ya Yahya khudil kitaaba bi quwwa [o Yahya grab hold of the scripture firmly] So then I called out O Ibraheem, Muusa, Yahya! And suddenly three young boys looking like moons [in beauty] came towards us and when they got ready to sit down their mother said “Fab’athuu ahadakum biwariqikum haathihi ilal madeenati falyanthur ayuha azka ta’aaman falyatikum birizqin minhu [Send one of you with this money to the town and let him look for the best food and let him then bring that food] One of the boys went and came back with the food putting it infront of me, his mother told me “Kuluu washrabu hanee-an bima aslaftum fee al-ayyaam al-khaaliyyah [Eat and drink joyfuly because of what you used to do in days past] I said, right now your food is haraam upon me until you inform me about her affair [i.e why she only speaks through the Quraan] They said: This is our mother, she has been like this since 40 years back, not speaking anything but Quraan, fearing that she might otherwise err and thus cause ar-Rahmaan [Allah] to be displeased with her. So Glory be to al-Qaadir [Allah] for this. Then I said: “Thaalika fadhlulAllahi yu-teehi man yashaa-a waAllahu du fadhlin ‘atheem [That is the bounty of Allah, He bestows it upon whomever He wishes and Allah is the owner of great bounty] [Translated from: Jawaahir al-Adab fee adabiyyaat wa inshaa lughat-ul-‘arab]

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