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Being Single Is Fun – Feelings

Being Single Is Fun

Being Single Is Fun - Feelings

Being Single Is Fun – Feelings

Being Single Is Fun..!!
But Being Committed In Love Feels Awesome…
-When You Wake Up You Find
“Good Morning” In Your Inbox…
Or Early In The Morning You Listen To That Sweet Voice Saying:
” Ooh, My sweet baby is awaking…!”
-When You’re All Alone,Sick Or Lost.. You Need Just That Person With You..To Hold You In There Arms… –
Those Small-Small Fights, & Saying ” I’m Not Gonna Talk To You ”
But Still… You Check Your Mobile To See The Missed Calls & Msgs From Them…
-Waking Up Suddenly At Midnight…
Calling Them Talking Till 4 am…. .
-Those Sweet Memories..
After A Fight Saying: ” Sorry Sweetheart…” & Then Fighting Over Whose Mistake It Was…
-When We Call Them & If It Says
” Is Busy With Another Call, Plz Stay On Line Or Call Later.. .!”
We Find It Frustrating…. .
-Seeing His/Her Face & Becoming Happy..Without Reasons.. .
-Reading Their Cute Text & Smiling Idiotically… Caught By Friends & Family….
-Imagining Future Lives With Them… Waking Up & Sleep While Cuddling Them…
Nowadays We Often Here People Say Love Hurts…
Love Is Fake Its Unreal….
But Its Not Love…
It May Be The Wrong Person…
Or The Wrong Timings Which May Cause A Heart Break…
But Tell Me Honestly…
” Isn’t Being In Love The Most Beautiful”

December Poems – December Ka Aik Din Tha

December Poems

December Poems - December Ka Aik Din

December Poems – December Ka Aik Din

December Ke Mahine Ka
Wo Shayd aik Din Tha

Kahin Guzrey Baras Main Ne
Mohabbat Lafz Likha Tha

Kisi Kaghaz Ke Tukrey Par
Achanak Yaad Ayaa Hai

Kahin Guzrey Baras Mujh Ko
Kisi Se Baat Karni Thi

Usey Kehna Tha Jaan e Jaan
Mujhe Tum Se Mohabbat Hai

Magar Main Keh Nahi Payaa
Wo Kaghaz Aaj Tk Liptaa Paraa

Hai Dhool Mein Lekin
Kisi Ko De Nahi Payaa

December Phir Ke Ayaa Hai
December Chalaa Bhi Jaaye Ga

Dobaraa Chaah Kr Bhi Main

Kr Nahi Payaa__!!

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