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True Love – Best Boy Girl Love Story Ever

True Love

True Love - Love

True Love – Love

Once A Boy And A Girl Decided To
Write Down Whatever They
Wanted To Change In Each Other..
Boy Eyes Filled With Tears After
Reading 7 Pages
The girl Has Written..
Girl Eyes Were Filled After
Reading One Line The boy Has
“I Just Want To Change Your
Surname To Mine”….
Respect The One Who Loves You
Because It Is Hard To Live With
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Thinking Of You Poetry – Muhabbat Bi Teri Thi

Thinking Of You Poetry

Tum Mohabbat Bhi Mosam Ki Tarha Nibhate Ho,

Kabhi Baraste Ho Kabhi Ek Boond Ko Tarsate Ho,

Pal Main Kehte Ho Zamane Main Faqat Tere Hain,

Pal Main Izhaar-e-Mohabbat Se Mukar Jate Ho,

Bhari Mehfil Main Dushmano ki Tarah Milte Ho,

Aur Duaaon Main Mera Naam Liye Jate Ho,

Lakh Mosam Ki Tarah Rung Badalte Raho,

Aaj Bhi Toot K Shiddat Se Humain Chahte Ho.

Thinking Of You Poetry - Muhabbat Bi Teri Thi

Thinking Of You Poetry – Muhabbat Bi Teri Thi

Muhabbat b teri thi

Wo shrarat b teri thi

Agar kuch be wafaie thi

Wo bewafaie b teri thi

Hum choor gay tera sehar

Tu ye hadaiet b teri thi

Akhir karty tu kis sy karty

Teri sekayat

Wo sehar b tera tha

Wo adalt b teri thi

What Is Love – Pyaar,Ishaq,Muhabbat

What Is Love

What Is Love - Pyaar,Ishaq,Muhabbat

What Is Love – Pyaar,Ishaq,Muhabbat

What is love?
Love is when my mom kisses me and says
mera bachha lakhon me ek hai…
Love is when u cm back frm work and dad says
‘arey beta! aaj bohot der ho gai
Love is when ur bhabhi says ‘ hey hero ladki
dekhi hai tere liya, koi aur pasand ho tou bata
Love is when ur brother says ‘ bhai tu tension
na le, main hu na tere saath
Love is when ur Moodless and ur sis says ‘
chal bhai kahi ghoom k aatein hai
Love is when ur best friend hugs u and says’
abe tere bagair mazaa nhi aata yar….
These all are best moments of love…..don’t
miss them in life.
Love is not only having a bf or gf.
Love u all who have been a special part of my

Being Single Is Fun – Feelings

Being Single Is Fun

Being Single Is Fun - Feelings

Being Single Is Fun – Feelings

Being Single Is Fun..!!
But Being Committed In Love Feels Awesome…
-When You Wake Up You Find
“Good Morning” In Your Inbox…
Or Early In The Morning You Listen To That Sweet Voice Saying:
” Ooh, My sweet baby is awaking…!”
-When You’re All Alone,Sick Or Lost.. You Need Just That Person With You..To Hold You In There Arms… –
Those Small-Small Fights, & Saying ” I’m Not Gonna Talk To You ”
But Still… You Check Your Mobile To See The Missed Calls & Msgs From Them…
-Waking Up Suddenly At Midnight…
Calling Them Talking Till 4 am…. .
-Those Sweet Memories..
After A Fight Saying: ” Sorry Sweetheart…” & Then Fighting Over Whose Mistake It Was…
-When We Call Them & If It Says
” Is Busy With Another Call, Plz Stay On Line Or Call Later.. .!”
We Find It Frustrating…. .
-Seeing His/Her Face & Becoming Happy..Without Reasons.. .
-Reading Their Cute Text & Smiling Idiotically… Caught By Friends & Family….
-Imagining Future Lives With Them… Waking Up & Sleep While Cuddling Them…
Nowadays We Often Here People Say Love Hurts…
Love Is Fake Its Unreal….
But Its Not Love…
It May Be The Wrong Person…
Or The Wrong Timings Which May Cause A Heart Break…
But Tell Me Honestly…
” Isn’t Being In Love The Most Beautiful”

December Poetry Sms – Udaas Raaton Mei Taiz Coffee Ki Talkhion Mein

December Poetry Sms

December Poetry Sms - Udaas Raaton Mei Taiz Coffee Ki Talkhion Mein

December Poetry Sms – Udaas Raaton Mei Taiz Coffee Ki Talkhion Mein

Udaas Raaton Mein  Taiz Coffee Ki Talkhion Mein
Wo Kuch Ziada He Yaad Aata Hai Sardion Mein

Mujhe Ijazat Nahi Hai Us Ko Pukaarney Ki
Jo Goonjta Hai Lahoo Main, Seeney Ki Dharkano Mein

Tum Apni Pouron Se Jaaney Kiya Likh Gaye They Jana
Charaagh Roshan Hain Ab Bhi Meri Hatheliyon Mein

Jo Tu Nhi Hy To Ye Mukammal Na Ho Saken Gi
Teri Yeh Ehmiyat Hai Meri Kahaniyon Mein

Har Ek Mousam Roshni Si Bikhairty Hain
Tumhary Gham Ke Charaagh Meri Udaasiyon Mein….

ghazal sms hindi – Aik bay rang sa manzar hai

Ghazal sms hindi

Aik bay rang sa manzar hai kahan tak sochon

zindagi main terey baray main kahan tak sochon

Phenknay walay nay tu door say pathar phenkay

aur main sirf paroosi k makaan tak sochon

Tera chehra bhi na yaad aye k tu kaisa hai

main tujhay sooch k reh jaaon yahan tak sochon

Loog jis mor per ghabra k bechar jaatay hain

tujh say milnay ka yaqeen ho tu wahan tak sochon

ghazal sms hindi

ghazal sms hindi

Andaz E Biyan Se Zahir Hai Tere Dil Ka Khaloos ,
Tu lakh chupa hal e dil ,
Teri Tehreer Ka Her Lafz Teri Mohbt Ka Pata Deta Hai.

Rose Day Advice For All Lovers

Rose Day Advice For All Lovers ….
Yellow roses indicate frndship & freedom
so dont snd dem if ur intentions r romantic & long lasting.
Yellow roses r also appropriate 4 sending congratulations 2 newlyweds,
& new mothers.
Happy Rose Day

happy Rose Day Advice

Rose day





Sad poetry sms-yaad sms

Sad poetry sms -yaad sms                                                                                                Dil ki CHokhat PE jo Ik Deep Jala Rakha hai ,
Tere Lout ane Ka Imkan Saja Rakha hai,
Sans tak bhi nahi lete hain tujhe,
Sochte waqt hum ne is kaam ko bhi kal pe Utha rakha hai,
Ruth jate ho tu Kch or haseen lagte ho,
Hum ne yeh soch ke hi tum ko khafa rakha hay,
tum jisse rota hue chor gaye the ek din,
hum ne is shaam ko seeney se laga rakha hay,
chain layne nahin deta yeh kisi tor mujhe,
teri yadon ne jo toofan utha rakha hay,
jane wale ne kaha tha ke wo lotay ga zarur ik issi aas pe
Darwaza Khula rakha hai ,
terey jane se jo ik dhool uthi thi ghum ki,
Hum ne is dhool ko ankhoun me bassa rakha hai,
mujh ko kal shaam se woh yaad buhat ane laga,
Dil ne muddat se jo ek shaks bhula rakha hai,
akhri bar jo aya tha mere naam wasi,
main ne us khat ko kalaije se lagha rakha hai                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       sad poetry sms -yaadsms

Ya Allah help us

Ya Allah help us


Ya Allah help us♥
ya Allah solve our problems♥
ya Allah don’t break our hopes♥
ya Allah accept our praye<3r
ya Allah bring happnies in our life ♥
ya Allah you are our only, hope help us♥
ya Allah yo know our problems help us solve them♥
ya Allah make it easy for us
Aameen♥                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ya ALLAH HELP US

Best friendship sms

Best friendship sms                                                                                                                              Love is a special word for

Care is a special word for

Friend is a special word for

And U r very special for
“ME”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             best friendship sms

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