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Funny Text Sms-Newton’s law of exam for students

Funny Text Sms

Newton’s Law Of Exam…,,,!!!

Performance Of Boys In The Exam


Decreases When The Number

Of Girls In The Exam Hall Increases…

Funny Text Sms-Newton's law of exam for students

Funny Text Sms-Newton’s law of exam for students

very funny sms about punjab board and other boards

Difference b/w Punjab & other boards questions:

Other Boards:

What is ur name?

(10 Marks)

Punjab Board:

What is ur name & it’s origin? Give relations & applied aspects along with it’s logical significance. Also explain with the help of graph; it’s upper & lower limits.

(1+1+1+1+1=5 Marks)

Hunn dasso banda fail na hovay tay hor ki top karay… :-O

Funny Love story of student with Teacher


1 Studnt ko Miss sy pyar ho gya

lekin Miss ny usy Thukra dia

Studnt ny kaha tm 5 din k andar mujhsy muhabt ka iqrar krogi

Or Studnt din raat Barish me Dhop Me us k ghar K samny khra rha

4th din larki ko waqi wo Studnt pasand a gya

Or usny socha subah pyar ka Iqrar kron gi

Lekin jb wo Studnt ko milny gai

to Studnt usy wahan na mila or 1 kaghaz mila jis par likha tha

“Tery Chakar Me Teri HAMSAAI Set Ho Gai hy”

Mujhe Bhool Ja baji.

What is Maths?

Maths Means……

M = Mental

A = Attack

T = To

H = Healthy

S = Students.. ,, 😛

:-) 😛

what is Maths?

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