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Eid Ki Khushyaan Mubarak-Woh Chand ka “chamakna”

Woh Chand



Woh Haton



Woh  Rishton



“Eid Is Coming SOON”

Woh Ghoshat



Woh Mehmano



Woh Khushyon




8 Din


“Eid Is Coming SOON”

SMS Gurru ki taraf se tamam visitors ko

“Eid Ki khushyaan Mubarak “


eid ki khushyaan mubarak


Bakra Eid Khtam Poetry Sms – Eid Last Day Sms

Bakra Eid Khtam-poetry sms,Last Day of Eid Sms

Eid khatam…..

Bakra hazam…..

Aapni routine pay wapis ayen  janab

Bhuat kha lia dil,kaleji,gurday or kabab

aapnay paet ko do ab kuch rest

Wish u all the best…..

bakra eid khtam poetry sms




Eid Mubarak



Eid Ul Adha In Islam

To understand

Eid ul Adha  in islam and Qurbani

on this day and its significance you have to go many years back.When the main sacrifice was to make by the prophet Abrahim.Its was mainly  start by prophet Muhammad(PBUH) as an essential Religious custom in showing honour To Prophet Abraham.

                                                                                                                                                                         Sacrifice of the Prophet Abraham
eid ul adha in islam
One day he saw his dream that ALLAH is Ordering him to raise the foundation of Kaabba with a black stone which is the most Muslim shrine in Maccca(saudu arabia)and the entire Muslims face to this direction during their prayers.Abraham rush for maccca with his wife abd son Ishmael.Then at the unfriendly desert Abraham has to face diffferent difficulties to put that foundation.
One night he dreamt that ALLAH wanted a sacrifice of his most loving thing.He thought many time and came in a decision that nothing is dearer to him than his son. so he told that to his son.Ishmael was so much dedicated to ALLAH and also to his father.He agreed with his father and the exact moment when the Abraham was to sacrifice his son for ALLAHa lamb was sacrificed in place of Ishmael
from that day this day day is celebrated as a day of sacrifice from the dy of Hajj…

Bakra Eid Special – Funny Sms

Bakra eid special

1 VEER……..

Jahan bhi gost bhejun ga 5 seir 1 sath bhejun ga

2 Wanted……

agar men 1 bar gosht bhej dun to dobara mangne mat ana

3 Dabbang………

ham tumhen itna gosht bhejen gey k tum cofuse ho jao ge k qurbani men ne ki hay ya tum ne

4 Ready………

tumhen bakra eid pe 3 log ziada gosht bhejen ge i, me and myself

5 Bodyguard……

mujh par 1 ehsan karna k mujh se bar bar gosht mat mangna’

bakra eid special

bakra eid special

Bakra Eid Sms-May Supreme Lord accept

Bakra Eid Sms , Qoutes, Eid sms  and Wishes

May Supreme Lord accept all your prayers and ibbbadat.

And this Eid bring the source of your Tremendous joys and ALLAH’S pleasure.


 Bakra Eid Mubarak….. bakra eid sms

Kash hum ek SMS hoty
bas aik click mey aap ky paas hoty
mana k aap hamy delete kar detay
laikin kuch dair k liye tou hum aap ky paas hoty
or bari khushi say kehtay EID MUBARAK

Eid Ul Adha Sms

Chaand Ki Traf Say Tamaaam

Sitaaro ko




Wishing you the gift of faith,

the blessing of hope

and the peace of ALLLAH’S

Love at eid and always ……

Eid ul adha sms

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Eid ul Adha is Eid of sacrifice

Eid ul adha is Eid of sacrifice,

and commitment to Allah’s orders,

May Allah bless us with the same in all circles of  life


help all amongst us,

who are helpless, worried, and waiting for his rehmat,



Bakra Eid / Eid Ul Adha  Mubarak To All

Eid ul adha mubarak


Bakra Eid Mubarak SMS

*”””*. .*”””*.
* *               *

*EID *
May on this EID the Plate of Your life is filled
with juicy Kabaabs And Tikkaas topped with Chatnii of
Happiness  & covered with Salad of Love. Ameeeen

Bakra Eid Mubarak

Bakra eid mubarak

Qurbani Ki Khal Is Dafa Mujay Deyna

Qurbani Ki Khal

‎1 larki bohot romantic ho ky apny Molvi boyfrnd sey:

Darling aaj main bohot khush hun, Mango kyaa mangty ho

Molvi sharma ky:
Qurbani Ki Khal Is Dafa Mujay Deyna. =D
Happy Bakra Eid
qurbani ki khal
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