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How to get Pass , Register and Participate in Jeeto Pakistan

Today we are going to share the method to get Free Pass for Jeeto Pakistan , That is hottest ever show now a days in Pakistan. Jeeto Pakistan Show is being hosted by Fahad Mustafa  on ARY Digital in which participants are winning Thousand of Rupees , Gold , Motor Bikes and Cars. But the Applicants have to follow the official Rules.

Jeeto Pakistan Free Online Registration

Jeeto Pakistan Show Official Rules

Jeeto Pakistan Registration Online :

Now if you want to Register yourself in the Jeeto Pakistan Follow the Methods listed below

  1.  Jeeto Pakistan Registration On Call :  You can call directly on this Number 111 279 111 to get register yourself for the show ‘Jeeto Pakistan On Ary Digital’ .
  2. Jeeto Pakistan Registration By SMS : If you want to get Pass For Fahad Mustafa’s Show Jeeto Pakistan through sms then Type in Message your Name,CNIC,Mobile Number and Send that message to 0337-0359527 .
    (Example SMS : SMS GURRU,3460312124343,03332323432   ).
  3. Register Through Jeeto Pakistan Official Page: You can direct contact to the Official page of Jeeto Pakistan on Facebook here .
  4. Ary Digital Jeeto Pakistan ‘s Application Form : You can apply online by filling the Ary Digital ‘s Official Application form with your personal detail. You can get Jeeto Pakistan Registration Form in the link.


jeeto pakistan registration online

Free Online Registration For Jeeto Pakistan

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Latest Android Secret Codes List

Android Secret Codes List
1. Phone Information, Usage and Battery – *#*#4636#*#*
2. IMEI Number – *#06#
3. Enter Service Menu On Newer Phones – *#0*#
4. Detailed Camera Information – *#*#34971539#*#*
5. Backup All Media Files – *#*#273282*255*663282*#*#*
6. Wireless LAN Test – *#*#232339#*#*
7. Enable Test Mode for Service – *#*#197328640#*#*
8. Back-light Test – *#*#0842#*#*
9. Test the Touchscreen – *#*#2664#*#*
10. Vibration Test – *#*#0842#*#*
11. FTA Software Version – *#*#1111#*#*
12. Complete Software and Hardware Info – *#12580*369#
13. Diagnostic Configuration – *#9090#
14. USB Logging Control – *#872564#
15. System Dump Mode – *#9900#
16. HSDPA/HSUPA Control Menu – *#301279#
17. View Phone Lock Status – *#7465625#
18. Reset the Data Partition to Factory State – *#*#7780#*#*
19. Format Your Device To Factory State(will delete everything on your phone) – *2767*3855#
20. Hidden Service Menu For Motorola Droid – ##7764726

Latest Android Secret Codes List

Latest Android Secret Codes List


PTI Membership Cards

        PTI  Membership Card

    PTI  Membership Cards

  • This is an unofficial PTI Membership Card Campaign.
  • This Card is the property of Card Owner.
  • Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is not the issuing authority of this Card.
  • This Card is not issued under the official policy of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.
  • Card Holder is fully responsible of usage/misusage of this card.
  • This Card will not be helpful, If you Violate the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Policy,Criminal Activity or any illegal activity.
  • Signature on the Card is the Autograph of Mr. Imran Khan (Chairman PTI)
  • Price of Each  PTI Card is RS. 300.
  • Cards Holder and Neck Ribbon is also included in this price.
  • Delivery/Courier Charges are also  included in  price.
  • Your Card will be delivered on your provided address within 7 Working Days.
  •  For international delivery,Overseas PTI Members will have to  pay the extra delivery charges.
  • Please  provide the right address for delivery of Cards
  • Once Courier/Post return back then will not delivered again.
  •  According to  our privacy ,Your all provided data is safe and sound and will not share with anyone else.
  • This is a Plastic PVC Card like Bank ATM Card (not  a Paper Card).

PTI  Membership Cards


 Click Here To Get Access To PTI Membership Card Form

How To Find Polling Station For Vote Casting

Here is a Way you can Find your Relevant Polling Station by Using Mobile Phone. you can find Polling Station by sending a single sms then you will get your vote casting detail in response.

To Find Your Polling Station

Simply Text You CNIC Number To 8300

(eg: 3460312125435)

How To Find Polling Station For Vote Casting

How to Report Election Rigging in Your Area ?

Here is a Method Of Sending Report Of Election Rigging, Rigging During Election, 11th May Election Rigging, Election Rigging In Pakistan,Election Rigging in Your Area

Jaag Pakistan’s website is located at:


Anyone can report Rigging Incidents to this website using:

  1. SMS to 80022. Write RIG<space>Halqa<space>Message (Example: RIG NA120 vote buying in progress in sanda)
  2. Email to [email protected]
  3. Tweet with #JaagPK
  4. Report and upload videos/photos to website:


How to Report Election Rigging in Your Area

How To Check Call History Of Any Network has Compiled Call History Check Detail here.Now Mobile Users Check Call History Online,check your Sim Call History,Zong Call History Check Online,Warid Sim Call histoy Online, Telenor Call History Check Online,Warid Call History Check,check Call History,Call history Check,Check Call History online,Call History Check Onine Of Any Sim Network.

How To Check Call History Of Any Network

For Telenor Sim Users

For Zong Sim Users

For Ufone Sim Users

For Warid Sim Users…warid/homepage


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