We have already seen various articles in the news or numerous videos about people betting on the strangest and most jaw-dropping things. But what are the relatively normal things people can bet on?

1. Websites – in an age where most things are now done digitally, it’s no surprise you can have a say and also a cut of what goes on with most online sites. As it’s legal to bet on websites, it’s no surprise it is rather a popular way of (hopefully) winning a little bit of cash. Bets can be placed on how popular a site it, perfect for those of you who know some big website very well. If the ranking shifts up, you can expect to see your fortunes rise a little too.

2. Videos – whether they are controversial, informative or just a Youtube blogger who talks about anything for an hour, videos are also becoming an increasing popular outlet for placing bets. Various games and sites can help you towards some winnings, one of which is VideoIPO which basically tasks you to find the best videos out there for some cash reward. Netflix may be offering money to sit and watch TV shows as a career, but with VideoIPO there’s a little bit more flexibility and basically offers a very similar thing.

3. Technology – now this is certainly worth an investment and in this day and age, with robots doing the much-hated housework for you, you can actually do pretty well by placing some bets on new and upcoming technologies. Technology investments actually make up a quarter of the stock market in 2018. There’s plenty of websites out there that basically let you buy and sell shares in technology, but one notable site is Buzz Game brought to you by Yahoo. You can basically make your way to the top by being canny and figuring out what the best investments are for you.


4. Sports – sports betting is probably one of the most popular forms of gambling out there and it’s legal. Nowadays, you can pretty much bet on any type of sport, from football to racing to basketball. Bets can be placed the traditional way through a bookmaker or now, thanks to computers, phones and the internet and basically even better technology, can be placed online. Popular websites include Paddy Power and William Hill, and most of these sites also offer online slot games too.

5. Stocks – investing in stock is a hugely popular and a great way for those looking to save to get some extra money in the bank. Spread betting is also a new concept that has developed over the last few years, whereby you do not own any actual stocks or shares in the business but sit back and predict whether the stock will rise or fall, with the help of brokers. Some of the best ones to go through are IG, Spreadex and ETX Capital.